Booking app
Booking and marketing engine for accomodation

Web application designed to manage the reservations of your hostel, villa or tourist apartments. It includes the functionality of creating a client database, managing it automatically for email marketing campaigns via MailChimp.

Reddit app by Angular
My Marketplace Fullstack

Marketplace platform created with Angular 7, Node.js, MongoDB and Heroku deployment.

Reddit app by Angular
Rainbow JavaScript

You can discover all the possible colors with the hexadecimal code. Vanilla JavaScript.

Reddit app by Angular
Reddit App with Angular

Discover a new platform app of Reddit using Angular framework.

Blog structure with Angular
My blog structure with Angular

You can use it this blog structure created with Angular framework.

Google Event Generator
Google Event Generator

Create your own Google Analytics event code for the perfect marketing campaign.

Super Hero Universe API

AJAX project dedicated to show the Super Hero Universe. More tan 700 characters.

Rock | Paper | Scissors

Beat the computer with the classic rock - paper - scissors. Are you ready to win?

Mapa Mundi API

Get all the information of all countries in the world with this AJAX project.

Chardcode Generator

Do you need the keyboard charcode to trigger a javascript event?

Do you need a Full Stack Developer?

It will be great to discover collaborative synergies for your web development team