Sergio Escobar Segura

Web Developer Junior & Online Marketing Senior

Main knowledge for the development of web functionalities via JavaScript for both Front-end and Back-end, through the use of technologies such as: html5, Sass, Javascript, Typescript, jquery, Angular, Node.js and MongoDB. My working objectives is always under the statute of learning to learn, all kinds of technologies that provide professional value.

Additionally, I have more than 10 years of experience in Social Media, Influencer and Online Marketing Strategist. I have worked for national and international companies and startups in Mexico and Spain.

I am looking for opportunities where I can develop my full potential, but above all require solutions that may be achievable and measurable. I have a quick adaptation capacity, easy integration to work teams and even encourage cohesion and training actions, as well as public speaking skills and dealing with clients.

I am not looking for job...I offer solutions! Let's talk!